OMG life will never be the same • 31 May 2009 • The SnowBlog

OMG life will never be the same

I was all ready to post a slightly sarky post about a new device I bought last week, but I thought I'd try it out first to give you a rounded review. It is, ladies and gentlemen, a steam mop. I was going to talk wryly about how I was taking my dedication to steampunk a bit too far, har har, but then I switched it on. And mopped. And I am telling you the truth when I say that my heart skipped a beat and I realised, then, that life would never be the same. In as long as it takes to do a not very thorough hoover, my floors are steamed to a sterile gleam. Plus it sounds a bit like the Enterprise powering up. Also: steam! Great billowing clouds of the stuff. I heartily recommend that you acquire such a device, as soon as you can. Life enhancing, truly. Steam mop! (Yes, I know I am sad. But clean floors are good for the soul.)


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