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Old tech


To continue Em's gilded theme: a golden oldie. I've dug out my Sony Librié from a few  years back. Any day now we're going to try the new Sony e-Reader, which I'm hoping will have an even better display. But as you can see, my slightly agéd Librié does very nicely in bright sunshine. It's infinitely better than a laptop or phone display, but there's still room for improvement. And before you all remind me that you'd rather have a paper book, you should know that this is a submission I'm reading, so my alternatives are either a  laser-printed brick; break out the guillotine, nipping-press and glue to make my own reader's copy; or read the thing on a computer screen. Oh, and to follow on from our earlier discussions about reading in bed, this gadget doesn't have that verso/recto problem that comes with resting your book on the pillow, where you find that for every other page you have to balance it on its edge - which often leads to holding the book in both hands in the air, the result of which is libric brachial heat loss (or 'cold arms while reading' as it's sometimes known). Whereas with this gadget  I can extend just a few fingers of one hand from under the duvet, tightening my grip occasionally to push the 'next page' button. Also, if you were a nerd like me, you'd think it was cool that the buttons are in Japanese.

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