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OK, own up


The Happiness Factory
a.k.a. a call centre

Who's sold my phone number to one of those lists? Today I've had cold calls for: - someone wanting to send me information on their recruitment agency (Me: "Sorry, we're not really right for you as we don't do recruitment." Them: "but how do you recruit your staff?" Me: *sigh*) - someone wondering if I have sufficient photocopiers (we scan things if we need to. That didn't go down at all well with the caller. Them: "What, you scan everything? What happens if you need to photocopy something?" Me: *sigh*) - a ticket for a fair for auditors at Excel (can you imagine) - someone very keen to reduce my phone bill (I'd rather it if they reduced the number of phone calls. By one.) - someone very keen to sell me envelopes (I have enough envelopes) - someone wanting to know the name of our HR manager (That'll be me) - someone wanting to know the name of our FD (Me again) - someone wanting to know if we need any new water coolers for our office. (I have a very effective tap) I've also fielded calls from two people looking for work experience (I gave them a ten minute chat as I don't want to be horrible to people), two agents who didn't think it would be a good idea to look up my name or what we publish (grr), and two silent callers (hello? hello?). Whilst it would be nice to be able to get on with some work, I don't really mind as I'm running a business and so should expect phone calls. But it just seems odd that so many random ones should come through in one morning. Makes me suspicious...


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