Oh My Godin • 5 March 2008 • The SnowBlog

Oh My Godin

          Eee! Hello Mr Godin, sir. Thank you for leaving a comment on here today. Erm, thanks for the amazing blog and for being so clever about stuff. (Never meet your heroes - you always say stupid things.)  Seriously - talk about walking the talk. In his piece that I linked to earlier today, he spoke about how great it would be if people he was a die-hard fan of would get in touch, say thanks, ask his advice on what product to bring out next. And then he got in touch with me, a die-hard fan, and said hi. If I was a big fan before, I'm a proselytizer now. 

On to other matters. To make up for all that starstruck squeeing, here's a handy dandy video about a natty function in Excel, called the VLookup. It'll save you hours if you do naughty things like manually complete Excel forms.  



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