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Observer Future 500

The list I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'm on: this is it. Britain's top new talent, and all that. Looks like I'm the only publisher on there (oh no, I'm not - Toby Mundy and Jon Wood, too. OK, only female publisher), which is nice. There's a supplement in today's Observer announcing it, but don't rush out on my account - the only mention I get is 'Emma Barnes, Snowbooks' MD' and I think you know that already. But it's quite neat - I get access to an interesting forum with the other 499 people, which is a stroke of genius. The organisers get to tell advertisers that they have an exclusive audience of 500 movers and shakers, and so the ads cost more. The Future 500 people get free stuff and good deals. Everyone's a winner. The best thing I've found so far is one of those trend presentations - I love that sort of thing and I'll be adapting it for Snowbooks' purposes and will share bits of it here with you. When I get a mo. Today, though, I'm trying to learn enough XSLT to take 70 ONIX records and turn them into simpler XML that InDesign can cope with without having a nervous breakdown. To the computer! Oh, I'm here already.


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