Not waste, investment • 22 April 2008 • The SnowBlog

Not waste, investment

Ever been into Maplins? Ever heard its siren call? I can't help myself. They sell these very specific, very cheap bits of equipment like the one pictured to the left. It's a security bit set. That's to say it's a screwdriver with a whole range of different tips for it, all aimed at opening cases, covers and enclosures. I couldn't resist buying one. It was on special offer (12 I think). I have shelves of these sorts of things. I know: such a waste of money. But earlier in the week Em accidentally gave her phone rather a mild tap and the screen stopped working. Holding the phone closed were teeny-tiny screws that needed a screwdriver with a star-shaped tip to undo them. And I had one. Result: ten minutes after breaking out the security bit set, the phone was working again. It more than paid for itself. Time for me to see what else they might be selling I reckon.


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