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I have my grumbles with the New York Times, but I'm constantly impressed that they continue to employ Paul Krugman. He says some terrible things that are bound to upset important people. The fact that they're all true, and need to be said, doesn't detract from the outcry, I'm sure. In fact it undoubtedly adds to it. He's one of the few economics pundits whose words I really set some store by. So it's rather gratifying to see that he's just picked up a Nobel Prize. It's not what he won the prize for, of course, but he was also one of the few explaining that a crash was coming and why - while many others called it unthinkable (and continue to claim that no one could have seen it coming). In case you're interested, you can read some of his wise words here in blog form or his columns here (page down a bit). It's people like him who might give economics a good name.


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