Nice things • 8 June 2007 • The SnowBlog

Nice things

          There is an excellent blog interview on the Historical Romance blog by our very own Sarah Bryant. 

And now, some news about our friends the trees.

woodland.gif Yes! Snowbooks has sponsored a tree. Well, actually, my lovely mum has sponsored a tree in Snowbooks' name. Thanks, mum! Our tree is at Merry Hill Farm in Hertforshire. If you would like to sponsor a tree, you can go to the Woodland Trust's website: I will follow my mum's excellent example and sponsor a new tree every month - it's only a tenner which I would otherwise spend on coffee and twixes. I wonder if I ask nicely whether I can get them to plant them so that from space they spell out 'Snowbooks'? 

(By the way, if anyone ever wants to donate any money to Snowbooks' favourite charity, it's Pure.) 


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