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New Software

Windows 7 is out. 'They' say it's better than Vista. But a lot has happened since Vista was launched. For instance, I've tried Mac OS and decided that I like it better. The pain is that if you want to do businessy stuff, you really can't beat Microsoft Office. I'd probably be fine with a word processor other than Word - just about - but if I'm doing spreadsheets, I want Excel. And Access, if you happened to get really familiar with it - which I did - is darned handy. Especially if you team it with Excel. But that big ribbon thingie in Office 2007 (and 2010) knocks me back to being a beginner again. I know the program has the obscure function I want, but I can't find it. So I'm seriously considering having a little Windows XP simulation running on my Mac, and in it, running my favourite Office application so far: Office 2003. It's fast, it does everything, and I already know how it works. It has to be the way of the future. (Although I'm sticking with Outlook 2007: no ribbon, and it almost works, unlike previous versions.)


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