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Needle launch

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Last night we held the launch of Sarah Bower's debut novel Needle in the Blood in the suitably named Hog in Armour pub in Norwich. The turnout was fantastic with over a hundred people crammed into the room. All the copies were snapped up and Sarah was kept tied to her chair, signing the copies whilst being plied with wine. David and Richard from local shop Kulture Shock were responsible for the whole event and I can't thank them enough for all their hard work.

We also had a few famous authors turn up in support - Sue Fletcher (Eve Green) and Toni Maguire (Don't Tell Mummy).

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The evening was brilliant, thanks to everyone who came to support us and thanks to Sarah for being such a star!

On the way out, Emma and I came across a building that had strange writing all over it. Richard, who was kindly dropping us at the station told us that it was a piece of art by a local artist. The words are a poem and the piece is about the transient nature of utopia - the building is set to be demolished soon. A fittingly romantic end to the evening!

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