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My pal, Obama

It is funny. I keep going to the news sites to see how my pal Obama is getting on. I genuinely feel like he and I know each other, and I'm rooting for him, as a friend, to do well. This is probably some psychological problem on my behalf: you know, delusions of grandeur, that sort of thing. Or perhaps it's to do with the fact that I'd like to know such a clever, rounded, personable, brilliant chap. It makes the world seem sunnier, knowing he's in charge. In other news: Ro, meet London. Yep, we went to London yesterday, on the train. We went on the Underground, too. We had a delicious and so enjoyable lunch (remember, I've not had many proper meetings recently since I was too fat to move at the end of my pregnancy, then gave myself a chance to figure out this motherhood thing for the last few months, so it was really wonderful to be out and about and talking to people). Then we had a lovely meeting at Susie and Lesley's office. All round, it couldn't have gone better. He loved the train, especially on the way back when he could see his reflection in the glass window since it was dark. He also liked the rustley newspaper of the man sitting next to us. So that was good. He's sparko today, though!


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