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My new year resolutions

I love new year resolutions. I know it's an artificial point in time, no different from any other time of the year, but like most people I like the idea of seasons, cycles, renewal and whatnot. I usually have at least ten, but I'm happy if I achieve just one of them. So here is my list, so far: no doubt it will grow over the next few days as I think about it more. - Lose ten pounds (of course. No NYR list is complete without this old chestnut) - Only use keyboard shortcuts, not the mouse, in InDesign, Photoshop and Word. And Excel. And everything. - Become ambidextrous - Sell more books - Drink more water - Never drink instant coffee - Get better at saying 'no thanks' to things I don't want to do - Don't work on Sundays (not for religious reasons, just to have a day off) - Keep inbox at zero (easy, actually, now I use RememberTheMilk. Everything goes on a list. Those lists are quite long, of course.) - Make the company more profitable. (Good one, that) - Do more housework - Go for a walk every day Actually, in writing that list, I'm pretty happy with how everything is at the moment. There are no huge 'must do this because am bad person' ones. Yey. What are yours?


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