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My Free Who for You

For various reasons, I wrote myself a Doctor Who script a while back. Not knowing where the TV series was going, I wasn't sure which companion to use, so I set it at some interval where the current Doctor is off on his own. I imagined it being this year's Christmas Special. Having watched last night's Torchwood season finale, and having noted one important similarity with my script, I think there's a major plot point that would now look as though I'd just lifted it from off the telly. If anyone's going to read my script, they might as well do so while it's obvious that I didn't copy an idea from Torchwood. Em enjoyed it and said that because she had to picture it as she read, afterwards she felt like she'd actually seen it on TV rather than read it on paper. With that in mind, I thought I'd post it here in case anyone fancies 'watching' a free Doctor Who Christmas Special. It's a Word document (let me know if you want a PDF instead). Click to download and enjoy. (And don't forget to tune into the real thing tonight.) If you're not familiar with standard script abbreviations, click 'Continue reading' for a v. quick list.
Script Notes: For info, there are a number of abbreviations in the script. POV means Point Of View, as in the camera is showing you what someone is seeing. VO means voiceover. OS means offscreen, used when you can hear someone talking but not seeing them.
Sadly, I only enjoyed six seconds of this evening's Doctor Who. I imagine, if you've watched it, and you know my views on companions, you can guess which six seconds they were.
Also I want to throw out a very slight caveat: Cap'n Jack is in my script. He says clichéd things. Not because I couldn't think of original-ish dialogue; it just seems to me to be how he speaks.


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