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My day in numbers

2637 - is the number of junk emails I've had since this time yesterday 28 - is the number of real emails I have to answer today 416 - is the number of images I had to manually place in InDesign yesterday 1 - is the number of Christmas books I have sent to the printer 1 - is also the number of teeth that I currently have a slight toothache in 1 - is also the number of boats that have just been towed past my window. Odd. 6 - is the number of Christmas books I have to send to the printer by tomorrow 85% - or thereabouts is the likelihood of that happening. 15 - is the number of requests I've had for a review copy of City Cycling and I haven't even written a press release yet 25 - is the total number of books ordered from our website so far since I put the google checkout buttons on. A modest start, but a start nonetheless 8,4,7,8,2,2,7,4,10,5,1 is the number of tasks I have in the categories of Book production, Editorial, Finance, IT, PR, Print, Sales, Design services, Strategy/process, Suppliers, UK Reviewers. 8 is the number of manuscripts I have to read (because lovely Anna reads most of them) 3 is the number of cheques that should clear today 5 is the number of days until month end = money in from LBS (the following week)! 2 is the number of coffees I've had so far. 1 is the number of coffees I'm going to go and get now. 10, on a scale of 1-10, is how excited I am about the upcoming day. Nothing particularly special happening but, I tell you, it's *bloody lovely* to have your own company.


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