My Christmas Present List • 29 November 2006 • The SnowBlog

My Christmas Present List

          So you know how there's this custom at Christmas time for friends to bestow gifts on other friends? And how sometimes it's hard to figure out what to buy for your friends? Well, my friends, have I got a deal for you, seeing as how I like you so much. If you buy one of the following books, not only is that the best Christmas present you could possibly get for me, I won't even ask for the book! That's right! Think of the savings on gift wrap, postage, or how much lighter your bag will be next time we meet up - none of that cumbersome carrying presents around lark. 

So nip into your local Waterstone's / online bookshop / local bookshop and buy one of the following. Then email me and I'll put on a big show of saying how thoughtful and lovely you are, and it's just what I wanted, and I'll treasure it forever. Then you can go home and read it yourself. Everyone's a winner. 



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