More reasons to cross fingers and toes • 21 March 2007 • The SnowBlog

More reasons to cross fingers and toes

          I went to the osteopath this morning and she has removed all the much-needed tension that gets me through the day. So I am utterly wiped out this afternoon. All I can do is post pictures. 

Lordy, wouldn't it be wonderful if...? 

rj2.jpg rj1 copy.jpg

And huzzah for gorgeous books! Both Needle and Monster Island arrived today - like book christmas - but I've stupidly (or maybe wisely) cleared us out of copies of the latter already, having sent a copy to everyone I've ever met in the book trade, so I can't take a photo. It's a shame as they are brilliant. I've ordered some more in, though, so you'll have to be just a little patient. Email me if you want a copy of either if you'd like to review them on your blog/wherever. 


Must try to stay awake. Coffee! 


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