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More ranting about data warehouses

Below the cut because it's too boring for normal consumption. But honestly. The data warehouse 'upgrade' I mentioned? So much of the data has magically, and subtley, changed. If you are a human, for instance, (as opposed to a computer) you might not think there's much difference between this record: Spectral Crossings - 9781905005918 - 01/Oct/08 - Paperback and this: Spectral Crossings-9781905005918-1/10/2008-Paperback But there is! There is a universe of difference! Because the first has spaces either side of the hyphens, and the second doesn't, and the date format has completely changed. So now I have to update all my Access records to reflect their changes, so my Access queries can match their dumb layout (why there isn't a plain ISBN13 field available I cannot say). It just incenses me that someone's done an upgrade, assumed that all their users are too dumb to actually want to manipulate their data in any way and now I've got a twenty minute task to add to my workload. I know, it's not much, but I've got better things to do than track down and fix bugs like this. It's really irritiating that people can make blanket changes without either appreciating the knock on effect of their actions or informing users of the changes they're making. Bah. And I was so full of beans this morning. Data Warehouses have Ruined My Morning.


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