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More Marketing

Actually, while I'm on the subject of dodgy marketing, have you seen the Dixons ads on the tube? In case you can't read that poster image, it says "Step into middle Englands best loved department store, stroll through haberdashery to the audiovisual department where an awfully well brought up young man will bend over backwards to find the right TV for you." It concludes, "Then go to and buy it" It's clearly referring to John Lewis (although there are other ads targetting Selfridges and Harrods). To me, the suggestion is that John Lewis are such suckers that it's easy to get free and friendly help from them even when you have no intention of spending any money there. And moreover, that's something you should take advantage of. I'd have some sympathy if this were investment banks we were supposed to hitch a free ride from. But, really, does anyone hate John Lewis? I remember meeting a couple of employees once and asking them what it was like. One said, "Well, they pay for my horse riding," and the other piped up, "And they arranged for me to learn a language." They're owned by their employees and their code of ethics has always been decades ahead of the competition. I'm sure plenty of people browse their stores and end up looking for a bargain online, but having Dixons egg us on feels unsettling. Will they suggest we fare-dodge next? Or shop-lift, maybe? What do you think, does this endear you to Dixons online store? (Plus, there's no way they're the cheapest online source of tellies. Unscrupulous bargain-hunters can surely do better.)


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