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Now then, I've just talked to Em about a few things. This and that. What a nice day it is, etc; And she happened to mention that she'd had a baby. Now this was news to me, although I'm sure she'd mentioned that she was interested in the idea. Apparently details are important in these matters, so you may wish to know that Rowan Michael was born yesterday at 5pm. He weighed 8lb 8oz and had an APGAR score of 10, which we both agreed reflected well upon him and upon the family. If Em is to be believed, the whole thing was a wonderful experience with no complications, disasters or sudden dashes to the hospital. From what I can gather it was a textbook non-traumatic home birth and apparently the littl'un is feeding well in between naps. Em said she was planning to take the morning off - and perhaps even longer - so please be patient if you're hoping for a response from her on anything. I will be raising a glass of ginger beer to mother, father and baby (and slightly puzzled cats) and I'm sure you'll be doing the same. And in conclusion, Hooray!


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