Meme paralysis • 24 April 2008 • The SnowBlog

Meme paralysis


Yes, it's a six. I mutated it.

Six random things about me. As taggéd by Em. As soon as my mind stops going blank. (Which is normally a difficult state to achieve. Perhaps I have discovered something useful here.) 1) I hate the sound of dogs barking. (Having been woken up by one pretty much every night for a year. Dogs themselves are OK, if they keep the noise levels down.) 2) My brother is only eighteen months younger than me so when we were little my parents used to dress us in identical clothes for events like family weddings. (Somewhere there is a picture of him and me around age six wearing matching yellow suits with brown shirts and ties. Was that colour scheme ever in fashion, even in the olden days?) 3) I can cut open plastic packs of things like kitchen towel with my fingertips. (Might have to make a video of this one day so you can see what I mean.) 4) Even though I can't play any musical instrument, I'm quite sensitive to things being in tune. So much so that I can't listen to opera as the wide vibrato of most singers sounds like they are going out of tune a couple of times a second and so is anything but pleasant to listen to. 5) I have never grown a moustache or a beard. Not even to see what it looks like. No particular reason, besides a firm conviction that it would look rubbish. Maybe one day. 6) I have never eaten a banana. (I ate a few when I was tiny, threw up every time, and have never got round to trying again.) Now, someone better call the Meme Police because I'm going to violate the rules and not tag anyone. For is it not said that it is better for each to gakk unto themselves than that one shall tag unto others?


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