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Magical thinking and an EU probe


I know that almost no one reads this blog and I won't be swayed from that view. There are one or two stalwart commenters, bless you - and I will admit that occasionally people get in touch about something said here (link). But I assume the latter is just part of the normal process where you put yours or your company's name into Google, append the word 'rotters', hit 'search' and see what pops up. In fact I'm assuming that's most of what PR firms do these days. But every now and again I have cause to exclaim 'post hoc ergo propter hoc' before adding a sarcastic 'non'. That happened today as I glanced at the newspapers. On Thursday I complained that I couldn't find a good article in the press about the law suits underway regarding Apple, e-books, the iPad and 'agency' pricing. Today I see that the Observer have furnished just such a thing. They must have set to work as soon as they read my words. I imagine they'll be writing any minute to apologise for not doing it sooner. (article)

Incidentally, if I had to choose a 'pull quote' from the article to whet your appetite, it would be this: "Some ebooks now cost more than the hardback."  


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