Look, it's probably just best if you don't. • 3 July 2008 • The SnowBlog

Look, it's probably just best if you don't.


Em enjoying a quiet moment of reflection

Write a bad review of any of our books or authors, that is. Or say anything remotely negative. Or give a prize that our books should have won to someone else. Or do anything to reduce the chances of our authors' success. It does something to my head which turns me into a rather primal, angry, unreasonable beast. Probably best, all round, if you just stay quiet. Otherwise, there'll be the glaring, and the clipped responses, and the hours of plotting revenge, and the fact that I will not forget, ever, and one day, one day I will get you back. I mean, I'm all for the basic human right of freedom of speech. Just not when it comes to our books.


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