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Little TV

There's seems to be less and less TV around me at the moment. I remember working with someone who didn't watch any TV years ago and thinking how weird they were. Although in their case they really were weird. But Em doesn't seem to bother with more than an hour or so of TV a week. Anna has just gone a fortnight without turning on the set. My pal Jenn seems not to own one (though somehow she's able to watch zombie movies). (And my friend Leila used not to have a TV although a job writing about what's on telly might have changed that.) At the moment, I'm watching about four one-hour shows a week, with the adverts all snipped out, courtesy of Sky+. So that's just under three hours. In my case it's not because a) I have so many exciting things to do instead or b) I disapprove of televisions (or anything with buttons, à la Amish-types). I'm just aware that I've seen it all before, usually done better. What I need is a hobby. Suggestions? (Apart from knitting)


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