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Lily Allen and the Orange Prize of Doom

Lily Allen, popstrel, is one of the judges for the Orange Prize. Everyone's up in arms. I think it's bloody brilliant*. Firstly, it's a stroke of marketing genius by the prize organisers. It's December, the money markets are in trouble, retail is in trouble and yet I've read more column inches about Ms Allen's new appointment than any of that. Big success from the Orange prize organisers for getting people talking about it five months early. Second, she's not exactly stupid. She's educated, sparkly, determined, driven, knows a thing or two about branding since she's done it to herself, and has probably read more books than me in the last year. Thirdly, if I'd been asked to judge a prize I would be very upset if people said I wasn't suitable, or worthwhile, or important enough. I think it's manners to be nice to someone who is going to give up a lot of her time to read - what, a hundred? Two hundred - books in a short space of time. Fourthly, her younger brother is called Alfie and the younger brother in Mothernight is called Alfie. Therefore she will definitely vote for it. Then there'll be a fight between Lily who will want Mothernight to win, and Phillipa Gregory who will want Needle to win. Ladies, ladies, please! Split the prize - they can *both* win. And finally, don't you think she's taking a bit of a gamble for her own image? Shurely it's crossed her mind that lots of her fans think writing is 'for geekz an sad pepl', as Grumpy Old Bookman's site is dedicated to. The book trade's got a hell of a lot to gain from this and she's got a lot to lose. Personally, I think a thank you is in order. * Rob's comment: Also, I think Em is in with a chance of winning the Ron Weasley Punditry Award


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