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Lessons from Seth Godin

          Ooh, he's a bright fellow, that Mr Godin. A recent post  has inspired the following change to buying Snowbooks online. 

If you buy one of our books from Snowbooks.com, you can buy a further copy of that book for £2. I won't charge extra for postage. I will have to update all the google checkout buttons which will take some time that I haven't got, but in the meantime if you'd like a further copy, email me when you place your order and I'll add it in. What's more, if you have already bought a copy of the book in the past, you can have an additional copy for £2. Yes, you guessed it - I will lose money on that deal after the postage. But if you're going to the bother of buying another copy, I'm guessing it's because you loved it, and want to share the book with a friend. I'm guessing that when you hand the present over, you're going to rave a little bit about how much you enjoyed the book, and how great it was. That's word of mouth, right there!  


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