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          Settle down, avid physicists. We are not talking about a pound-force of 3 (one pound-force, commonly abbreviated to 'lbf', is the force equivalent to that exerted on a mass of one avoirdupois pound on the (idealized) surface of Earth.) No, today was the final day of the London Book Fair. 

(Also, 1 pound force (lbf) accelerates 1 slug mass 1 ft/s2. Makes you think.)

Ian%20Towle%20-%20slug.jpg You're busy people, so here's the summary. I promise more detail will follow once I've had a lovely sleep. 

- 14 meetings 

- one very hard presentation / answer session which was the judging for the young publisher of the year thing. The questions didn't play to my strengths - I had a lot of things left over on my mental checklist once the 15 minutes were up. It was also one of those situations where I was trying hard to listen to the question and kept thinking 'right, concentrate. Concentrate! You have to remember this question! Pay attention! Listen! Oh, the question's over,' just like the bit in Taking the Plunge where Bernie's being proposed to and all she can think is "Remember this, Bernie! This is important! Stop thinking about remembering it and start concentrating! Bernie!" Still, that all worked out fine - maybe my answers were ok, too. I also had prepared a Venn diagram which came in handy. If you've got a Venn diagram on your side, you're ok, in my experience. 

- one excellent, brilliant deal which I will tell you about in a month or so

- James sold Greek rights in Memphis, from a guy who saw the MySpace page! As he says on his blog, that's booktwo. 

- Every other person I met said 'ooh, I read your blog'. It is unnerving, but nice, but also weird: why do you never comment? I demand more comments.

- Special Treat of the Day: You can download your own zombie flyer here. Hell, why not? 

Off to my sofa now for a well-earned sit down. Bye LBF 2007! We'll miss you! Byeee! 

Tomorrow: Anna's in town, so that can mean only one thing - Strategy Day! Yey! Essentially that means a very long lunch. Expect pearls of wisdom and brilliant insights to guide the future of publishing in general, and Snowbooks in particular, later in the week. 


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