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It's nice to know that even when things are pretty grim, it's still possible to laugh. It's a very sad time for my family at the moment because my little brother passed away at the weekend. But despite lots of grieving people around, my mum's cat wasn't deterred in his attempts to find an unguarded glass of water to drink from. He has a bowl of fresh water of his own, but a drinking glass on a table, even if it only has a few sips in it, right at the bottom, is irresistible. We were in the middle of some sad reminiscence when we noticed he'd jammed his head so far into the glass he'd had to fold his ears right back on his head. And when he lifted his head, the glass came with him. Sorry the photo is so blurry; I was laughing when I took it. (click on the thumbnail to see a bigger version.)
Update: Thank you all for the kind words. I'm never sure whether to mention personal stuff like this, but on the other hand, some of the people who read the blog are distant friends who stop by to stay in touch. Plus, I mention a lot of the other bits and pieces that are going on in my life, so why would I leave out the big stuff?


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