Large apples • 19 February 2010 • The SnowBlog

Large apples

So, this is exciting. Ro and me and Rob and Verity Ann (commenter to the SnowBlog and girlfriend of Rob, in that order) are pushing off to New York tomorrow. I have a five minute speech to give at Tools of Change on Tuesday (4pm, the Ignite session, if you're going. Cheer loudly, throw roses, etc) about how to make catalogues in 5 minutes, but apart from that and a bit of listening in at TOC we'll have NYC to ourselves for a week. Any tips on what to do and what to see would be great! I will be taking a copy of Ghosts of Manhattan which is just back from the printer and is very timely. (Try not to email whilst I'm gone. I won't reply when I'm there, and I'll probably just delete all 1600 emails that I'll inevitably have when I get back. Or, at least, I'll be sorely tempted.) Think of me at 5pm tomorrow when I take my seat in Economy with a 16 month old...


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