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Kobo. Grrrrrrr!


I just spent ten minutes in the Kobo app on my iPad trying to figure out how to buy a book. I couldn't do it. I decided to stop after ten minutes so I could share my experience. Plus I was a bit cross. I know I succeeded once before because I managed to buy Caitlan Moran's wonderful book. (Normally I buy all my books through the Amazon Kindle US store, but they didn't have that one - doubtless for terribly good reasons that in the end come down to a lost sale.) I did find what seemed like four or five ways I could share what I'm reading on social media (not that I'm reading anything because I can't buy books, but theoretically I could share). I also had lots of messages about features, at least two settings buttons, and a page of awards I'd received (I actually do think they were for me not for authors I was reading (not that I'm reading any, etc, etc)). But I could not find a link to a book store or a way to get more titles. Maybe you'd like to have a go yourself. Click on the thumbnail above to get a full-sized picture and then tell me what you'd do to find a bookstore. And if anyone knows the answer, please remind me in the comments.

Oh and every time I fire the app up it puts a popup in my way asking me to review it in the app store. One of these days I'm not going to be polite enough to decline.  


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