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Karma should fix this (slightly updated) • 27 November 2007 • The SnowBlog

Karma should fix this (slightly updated)


too funny?

If the world wants to prove to me it is a good and sensibly-run sort of a place, it will find this woman a fantastic job riiiiggghhht...... now! I am talking, of course, about this story: Career of tube voiceover woman hits buffers after online jokes misfire. Just look at the wonderful fake announcements she's created. Or go here, into Google's cache, and take a look, if her site is still inundated with curious visitors. Or try here. Update: I like this lady even more now that I've read her comments in the Guardian. Apparently she's had so much press today that she hasn't really had a chance to eat anything, the kids are grumbling about being neglected and she's feeling a bit clammy. There's down to earth for you.


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