Justify that • 18 February 2009 • The SnowBlog

Justify that

Do you have an iPhone? I see more and more of them everyday. Plus I love mine to an unreasonable extent. Originally, I upgraded my old phone to a brand new 'iPhone killer' (an HTC Touch HD, supposedly capable of doing everything an iPhone can, but better and more of it). Despite heaps of ecstatic reviews, I hated it. Nothing worked the way I thought it would. And even once I'd worked out how to do something, the touchscreen seemed to ignore me half the time. And then I tried an actual iPhone and it was night and day. It was intuitive, satisfying and fun. And I very quickly found myself making excuses for the things it did badly. Plus with the iPhone, you can easily add extra little programs to make it do new things. Some of those add-on apps are really amazing. But here's one that will surely only really please publishers. It's called 'Kern' and it's a game in which your goal is to correct the letter-spacing in a word. I'm betting this makes Em want an iPhone. Or maybe not, because after all she has real books to lay out. What's really needed I suppose is a way to make doing real layouts fun. Well, I'm sure there'll be an iPhone app along for that soon.


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