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John Pilger

Politics? Yes. But also TV. Plus it's a brief post. I think the most important questions I had about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez were answered in last night's screening of John Pilger's film The War on Democracy. And once it had covered U.S. interference in Venezuela, the film worked its way around a few other notable parts of Latin America. I'd love to recommend that you watch it when it's repeated, because it's important stuff, but it doesn't appear to be on again. So if you didn't stay up until twenty to one last night - or tape it - you're out of luck for the time being. Mind you, I'm amazed and delighted that they showed it in the first place - although they did move it an hour later at the last minute. It's explosive stuff, though the style is often very laid back. So if the controller for ITV happens to be reading this, I wonder if you could delay a few Judge Judy or Sally Jessy Raphael repeats and give the Snowblog readership another chance to see this amazing film on ITV2 or 3? Thanks. Failing that, the DVD is out in October '07 (I think). Anyone who wonders whether the press and the government - particularly in the US - can be trusted to further democracy, the answers will be available in October. (Sneak preview answer: 'No. Uh uh. Definitely not.').


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