Jebus • 16 January 2009 • The SnowBlog


You know me. I'm quite handy with the ol' computer. Well, the last twenty minutes make me look like a person who's never come across one in their life before. See, I've been trying to format a report in Sage. The Sage boffins (let's call them) have created an entire Report Designer tool, that allows you to insert various fields and change styles and fonts to suit. Very good of them. Thing is, it doesn't work according to any principles of modern computing. Want to change a font? It's no good selecting the text, silly. No, you have to select the text box that the text is in, and apply formatting to that. Want to insert an image? Well, alright then, but only if it's all distorted. Want to figure out which fields to insert? Well here's a list of about two thousand possible fields, all called something like COMINVPRC or DEL_ADD_COMP1. Why call sales value 'sales value' when you can call it INVOICE.FOREIGN_INVOICE_GROSS_UNSIGNED. Oh, and the best thing? Ctrl-Z undoes EVERYTHING you've done. And there's no recovery. Bah. I think I'll stick with the crappy template it ships with.


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