James' Snowday: Foxes! • 8 February 2007 • The SnowBlog

James' Snowday: Foxes!

          foxprints.jpg I have a family of foxes living at the end of my landlady's garden (I live upstairs) and they left their tracks all over the neighbouring gardens this morning.

Unlike the foxes that lived on the railway tracks where I grew up in South London, which were skinny, ratty beasts, these North London Reynards are fine-looking animals, as evidenced by this rather shaky pic I snapped over breakfast a few weeks back:


There are at least three of them, perhaps four, and they live in the dense undergrowth at the end of the garden. They're pretty bold too - we see them most mornings at breakfast and the occasional evening - and we hear them most mornings at about 5am. If you've ever heard foxes doing what they do at five in the morning, it is one of the most unpleasant, blood-curdling noises imaginable (see here). Ah well.

I imagine they're pretty chilly today, as it's all rather white out there.


Happy Snowday! 

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