It's late, I have to go to bed • 1 April 2009 • The SnowBlog

It's late, I have to go to bed

But before I do I must tell you about Microsoft Accounting Pro. Call me crazy but I'm so excited to have discovered it. I have used Sage and Quickbooks and despise them both for their obfuscation and lack of beauty. But MS's Accounting software is just about perfect. My god, I even did a few journals in it today without screwing them up. I set up four currencies, just like that, and amended a template so it looks just as I wanted it - easily, in MS Word! It has an excellent help file. I can import all my contacts from Outlook, should I want to. And I think I've barely scratched the surface. I heartily recommend that you check it out. There's a free trial should you want a tinker. Five stars, two thumbs up, fine holiday fun.


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