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It's in the bag (momentarily) [updated] • 19 March 2008 • The SnowBlog

It's in the bag (momentarily) [updated]

That rumply thing is a close-up of a rare Snowbooks bag (homemade of course, probably by Anna). It's wrinkly like that because I got it out of a drawer. I fetched it out because I'd cornered one of the plump country mice who sneak into my kitchen. I even got it into the bag. And then I made a fatal mistake and peered into the bag to check my prize. And it leapt out and zoomed away. Curses. So let that be a lesson to you all. In fact I bet there's some wise incomprehensible country saying about 'See ye not the bag'd mouse twitchin', lest it flee thither to yon kitchen'. Anyway, when I finally catch those meeces I'll try to get a picture of them, for anyone who doesn't find fuzzy rodents phobic (if I can do so without terrifying them too much).
I spent a pleasant fifteen minutes chasing one around my living room this morning. I'd got it caught in a box, but my desire for a picture of it was yet again my undoing, and it whizzed off behind my TV. I put on great, big, soft fleecy gloves and tried to grab it but it eventually gave me the slip. I refuse to be intellectually outclassed by these mice - but I don't want to hurt them either - so for the time being, the battle of wits continues.


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