Invented DTP. Then lost way? • 14 April 2010 • The SnowBlog

Invented DTP. Then lost way?

I know I'm iPad crazy at the moment, but it's making a splash and that stirs up lots of interesting responses. There's an article here about how disappointing the iPad's typography and internal typesetting is. I should imagine a lot of what's said applies to other attempts to get 'content' onto electronic platforms too. I know I've personally spent quite a bit of time trying to convert bits and pieces of long-form text into something I could read on, say, my Sony Reader comfortably - never with much success I might add. And these aren't just frills; they're necessities. 'Content' has to appear, as if by magic, ready to read, for these electronic platforms to realise their potential. If I could easily gather together and read e-mails, blog posts, downloaded articles, word documents, news stories and books - all professionally displayed without me putting in hours of collating or reformatting work - then we'd really have something.


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