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Thanks, all, for sharing a bit about what you read. So right now I'm really obsessed with the new Naomi Klein book, think it's stunningly good, and I see it as an interesting way of understanding the non-fiction market. I can see from what you've said about your ratios of fiction to non-fiction - and the fact that biography/memoirs and (non-modern) history are the fave non-fiction areas - that very few of you are likely to pick it up. Would anything change your mind? Say:
1) The Harry Potter Effect: you see everyone else reading it and even though it's not your usual thing you decide to give it a try
2) Money: As commenter Keith imagined, what if Tesco's were giving it away? Is there a price-point where you'd think, 'oh why not'?
3) Negative Publicity: if bookstores or the government banned it would you seek it out?
4) TV tie-ins: would a really interesting documentary or documentary series interest you in the book?
5) Personal Recommendation from a cool friend maybe?
Or any other suggestions. What would make you buy a book like The Shock Doctrine?  


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