If you were me • 1 July 2007 • The SnowBlog

If you were me

I've been wondering something. If you were me, with this lovely little publisher all set up and able to do whatever the hell we like, what would you do?

Every now and again I get this surge of excitement. It's because all the hard work is done, really - we've done the allegedly impossible bit of setting up a small trade publishing house, and we're trading successfully and viably. So I get this feeling that I've got such an enormous opportunity - we've got a platform to do whatever we want, so the only obstacle to success is our imagination. This way of thinking has led on to some exciting projects which we'll unveil in due course, but I thought I'd share the love and open the floor to you. If Snowbooks was yours, what would you do? (Careful how you answer - we may well take you up on your ideas if they're good.) snowcorpscraper.jpg


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