If I was a good person... • 26 October 2006 • The SnowBlog

If I was a good person...

          ...this is what I would have achieved. Welcome, friends, to a section of my To Do list:
 - Figure out way to get AIs and reading copies to all retailers electronically (save postage, save time, save trees) in a form that's easy for them to read
 - Learn advanced XML: crucial for a publisher who wants to sort out her content management 
 - Learn java
 - Schedule printing for 2008; consolidate schedule where possible to save money
 - Figure out new way to upload images etc to various partners' FTP sites automatically
 - Revisit e-book terms
 - Finish all ERRPs (Emergency Reprint Readiness Packs, of course. We like to amend our files as soon as we see an error, which can happen, so that the reprint is error, free. Plus we like stupid acronyms)
 - Analysis of total cost of distribution. Contract says x%; last time I did this analysis it was x+5%. 
 - Learn SQL
 - Revise online selling strategy
 - Create PR packs, in case one of our books flies, or we're in the papers and need a bunch of beautifully-formatted info about the company STAT
 - Update list of prizes suitable for our books and enter them
 - Photoshop 1280 photos (next year's martial arts books). Each photo takes about 20 mins. 
 - Find better way to photoshop things. 
 - Edit everything that needs editing
 - Scan all contracts and archive (there's one task that will never get done)
 - Run payroll
 - Pay bills
 - Bookkeeping
 - Fix thing
 - Do other thing
 - Write to that person about that thing
[trails off...]  


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