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I've done it #2

          Today has featured a lot less work than the last 10 days, which has been most welcome. And to celebrate, I finished the little cardigan I started making for Rowan The Baby a few weeks back:


I am absurdly proud of it, although I'm not providing any closer shots because proper knitters will be looking. Admire from afar, with your eyes scrunched a bit to blur out the slightly wonky seams and occasional over-loopy stitch. Ignore for the moment that it's missing a button - that will come - and a SnowKnits label - that will come too. 

But still! Hey! Cardigan! It's hanging on my very own Country Living-type door, which is the door to my new home office. More photos to come on that if it's nice and sunny tomorrow. And this is my first ever Handknitted Item of Clothing Handknitted By Me. Next up: a bobble hat. If this cardigan project has been anything to go by, it'll be ready just in time for Christmas.  


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