I'm in the wrong game • 27 April 2010 • The SnowBlog

I'm in the wrong game

Blimes. Just got some paperwork through from a liquidator who was tying up loose ends for one of the many companies to go belly up in the last few years (although this one was because of a dodgy principal rather than a tricksy market). Guess what the hourly rate is for a liquidator? Nope, wrong. *500*. Mind you, the job must be rubbish. Anyway, I got a cheque for 96 which is better than nothing I suppose, although it comes in at 0.02% of what we were owed. Hey nonny. ////Update//// Phew, thank goodness for Ol' Beady Rob who spotted that the 0.02% I stated above would mean we were owed about half a million quid. My language would have been stronger if that had been the case. The liquidator's letter was wrong: creditors didn't get 0.0218%, they got 2.18%. The total owed to the creditors was 306,422 but in total they received 6706. //////////////


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