I hate to admit it • 14 July 2008 • The SnowBlog

I hate to admit it

but it's just possible - just, fractionally, within the bounds of possibility - that I may be slightly hormonal at the moment. On Saturday, as you can guess from the godzilla-y tone of my rant about returns, I was dismayed about sales being down, thought everything was doomed, was completely freaked out at the idea of having to give birth really quite soon (I have dubbed it The Cleaving), and felt quite odd. Today, I am full of the joys of summer, over the moon about living in such a gorgeous part of the world, simply delighted to have such a lovely business and husband and home and best pal and view from my office... I imagine that my *real* state of mind should be somewhere in the middle. Everything is great, manageable, I have a lovely life, and I have to work hard to keep it that way. No need for feeling gloomy *or* manically happy. Let's assume that normal service will be resumed sometime in November, once all these hormones are watered down a bit - or I'm too knackered to have extremes of feelings. Until then, thanks for bearing with my rather erratic blog posts! I'm off to have a bounce around the house then answer some emails with a bit *too* much joviality.


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