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I am the tip lady

Another tip! I can thoroughly recommend this site: www.rememberthemilk.com. I feel more organised today than for ages. Perhaps it's what comes of having a sort-out; perhaps it's because Rob sent me this excellent video of a chap who runs a website called 43folders.com and I'm all excited about being organised. But whatever the reason, I'm happy. Remember the Milk runs on the Get Things Done principles, which is apparantly a bestselling book (that I've never heard of - and I browse the 'productivity' and 'get organised' sections of bookstores quite often. Hmm) and once you google it there seems to be a whole industry running off the back of it, with people writing web 2.0 apps to help you apply the principles. Remember the Milk is free, which is nice of them, and super cool, not just a fancy to do list. For instance, watch this short video on Quick Add. You can update it from Twitter, your phone or by sending an email to it.... I've just deleted the last paragraph I wrote because it's me going on and on, so if one of your new year's resolutions is to get organsied, just go and have a look for yourself!


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