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Humiliating bug climb down

I'm really tempted to switch to the passive voice the way politicians do because it turns out I was wrong about something (I know!). Let me just try it for a while: Today, Rob Jones, expressed his wish to 'clarify' his earlier remarks regarding Amazon's InDesign plug-in for creating Kindle e-books. Mr Jones said that it was 'regrettable' that certain assertions were made regarding user problems with the plug-in and that he was pleased to be able to announce that the bug in question is not part of its default operation. He thanked Amazon for their help in laying that portion of the public's concerns to rest. Or in other words, when I found a nasty bug in the plug-in, I said that it occurred when using the default settings, but I was wrong. There is a bug, but it only bites if you manually set 'Footnotes location' to 'In place' - and that's NOT the default setting. That being the case, far fewer people than I imagined will be affected. I expect the main users of that setting will be: a) blunderers who select it without realising b) blunderers who don't really know what any of the settings do anyway or c) honest-but-confused yeoman e-publishers who are frantically trying any and all settings as part of their desperate attempts to correct their yucky e-book layouts. I haven't decided which one of those camps I claim to be in yet. Anyway, thanks to the chaps and chapettes at Amazon for getting in touch, setting me straight, and for letting me know that they're working on the bug. And sorry again for always slagging you all off, like I sort of did *again* about an hour ago. link.


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