Ho(a)rding? • 4 October 2008 • The SnowBlog



[Ta to John A-W for pointing out there's an 'a' in 'hoarding'.] It may be time to admit I've got a hoarding problem. Look at that picture. Click on it to get a better look. The copy of Boxing Fitness is just there for scale. Those boxes are all full of cables, connectors, adaptors and power supplies. There maybe a few computer components in there too. But mainly it's just cables and power supplies. I should really get rid of some of it. But then again, one day someone is going to ask me if I have a spare charger for their phone (or anything else for that matter) and all I'll have to do is go up to the attic, root around in boxes for twenty minutes, and I'll have just what they're looking for. If my ceiling doesn't collapse in the meantime.  


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