Hip, hip • 31 July 2006 • The SnowBlog

Hip, hip

          Hey! It's our second birthday! Here's a cake:


See, the Mama Lama layer is raspberry jam, and Adept and Plotting is that stuff you get by mixing margarine and sugar, or something... and The Other Eden is chocolate sponge, and the Death Artist is the icing... and so forth. 

Yep, on this day in 2004 we published our first books. Two years later and what have we achieved? Well we're only Small Publisher of the Year! Still plenty of mileage in that one, oh yes. And we've sold 125,000 books and made, oh, at least as twice as much profit than if we'd just left our start-up capital in a Post Office savings account. Our team has grown from me, Rob and the amazing Gilly, to include the brilliant Anna and the outstanding James. We've published some damn fine books and launched the writing careers of ten debut authors, and have got a really superb list lined up for the next 12 months. 

I am very proud. I also have to get back to the ONIX data entry that I'm trying to get finished. Oh, the glamour of being a small (successful, 2 year old) publisher!  


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