Hey, guess what? • 29 February 2008 • The SnowBlog

Hey, guess what?

I'm pregnant! Yes, thought that would make you choke on your morning coffee. Depending on whether you believe me or the doctor, I'm 8 or 10 weeks along, so still very early days - but I figured if anything goes wrong, I wouldn't be able to disguise my sadness from the blog, so what's the point in keeping it a secret. So all being well it's due end of September, beginning of October. Tragedy! I can't go to Frankfurt! Anna is nobly stepping into the breech and will pound the corridors on her own. As far as what happens after that: well, you mothers out there can scoff and tell me I'm dreaming, but I plan on not too much changing. I shall have the best part of two, maybe three months off (October and November), then I shall get a nice mother's help type lady in to help me with cleaning, and showing me which way up a baby goes. Remember, I work from home four out of five days already (which I'll extend to five) so I will be at home anyway. I'm going to be very cruel about non-crucial commitments, like parties, dinners, meetings with people I don't really want to meet with (which I have quite a few of), to keep things under control, which is about a quarter of my time at the moment. And sure, I'll be utterly knackered, but I'm hoping that this baby will be the same as I was when I was little - Very Good Indeed. Speaking of being utterly knackered, this pregnancy lark really takes its toll. I have been sick as a dog for three weeks now, and more tired than you could believe. I haven't posted here much in the last few weeks because all I can think of is explaining exactly how sick I feel, and how I've eaten mostly ginger cake, ginger beer, ginger nuts, ginger tea, ginger cordial, ginger, and lots of cheese on toast - and that would have given the game away, somewhat. So, like I say, it's early days and if the books are to be believed there are a million things that can go wrong, so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. Words of support if you work and also have a child most welcome!


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