Hello, what's this? • 20 March 2007 • The SnowBlog

Hello, what's this?


So 6.45am this morning saw James and I huddled outside Waterstone's Oxford Street, meeting to assemble the window display that Waterstone's have very, very kindly allowed us to have. What a result! I 'helped' by taking photos: 


The salute of victory!


The proud designer/editor/marketeer/typesetter/production manager surveys a good morning's work: 


With the door shut: 


The finished result: 


It was great watching people's reaction. We saw loads of double-takes and could almost hear what people were thinking. "Hello, what's this? Weird. Must be for a ... hang on. 'I Blame Fog'? What? [double-take] 'Lint'? What?" 

If you're asking the same question, click here to find out...

As he rightly pointed out to me, James has put a much better post on the Lint myspace blog.  


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