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HD retro

So, you know that there are two kinds of next generation DVD? Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. Well, it looks pretty likely that Blu-Ray is about to win and HD-DVD will be dropped. So if you've got a hi-def TV and you want to get a hi-def DVD player to go with it, get a Blu-Ray one. Personally, I'm just wondering what's going to happen to the price of HD-DVD players and discs when all new production and investment ceases and you can't buy them in shops any more. I quite like the idea of snapping up a thousand-pound player for a tenth of that, and buying a few handfuls of hi-def discs for less than the price of standard DVDs. Of course I'll have to go a long way to match my friend Emma H. with her Betamax VCR. But give it a few years. Plus, somewhere I've got a WM-2 (the second model of cassette-playing Sony Walkman ever made) and a couple of tapes for it. In a little while, that's going to be a real curiosity. But then so will her minidisc player, so it's probably too soon to declare a winner in our particular low-key format wars.


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